Many products fail due to poorly managed product/system development. For instance, consider the case of an insulin pump product that was outsourced to three different design agencies and supplier partners. With no in-house team, the responsibility of understanding market needs and designing the product fell on a product design agency, while a motion solutions supplier and another agency were hired to develop the control electronics and embedded software. Unfortunately, the differences between each agency grew wider as time passed, resulting in delays, product form, fit, and function issues, and improper selection of motion solutions and control electronics design. These issues arise due to the lack of a single point of contact or project manager to coordinate between the parties.

To avoid costly time overruns and poorly designed products, it is recommended to work with a design and manufacturing house that understands the specific requirements and market/application. For products like surgical and industrial hand tools that must endure harsh environments, including autoclaving, saline exposure, dishwashing, shock, vibration, and high current ingress, it is crucial to take a more comprehensive approach to design, manufacturing, and quality control. Working with a company that specializes in these types of products can ensure that they are built to withstand such conditions and perform optimally. This approach can result in a more efficient and successful product development process, leading to high-quality products that meet the demands of their respective industries.

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