Skill And Capablity Building

At Fontierz, we are committed to supporting skill development efforts across the country. Our goal is to bridge the gap between the demand and supply of skilled manpower, foster the technical training framework, promote skill up-gradation, and cultivate innovative thinking for both existing and emerging sectors such as Medical devices, Electronics, Robotics, Drones, and Automation. As India’s demographic advantage lies in the fact that 65% of its population is in the working age group, we believe that the key to unlocking its economic potential is through skill development. By empowering the youth with the necessary skills and knowledge, they can contribute to their personal growth and the country’s economic progress. Join us in our efforts to support skill development and create a brighter future for the youth of India.

India has a vast pool of educated youth; however, the current curriculum, skills, and practical knowledge being imparted in educational institutions are not meeting the needs of the industry. This mismatch is leading to a significant gap in the employability of our youth.

At Fontierz, our education and skill-building vertical is dedicated to bridging the gap in system design competencies for young professionals seeking to enter the workforce, particularly in emerging sectors such as Medical Devices and Technology, Mobility, Robotics, Automation, and Drones. Today’s required skills are a combination of UI/UX, product design, mechatronics, motion solutions, electrical and electronics communication, and embedded architecture. However, standalone skills and knowledge often widen the gap that industry expects, leaving a large number of youth left out of the job market.

To address this issue, our Fontierz School of Product Design and Engineering offers real-life experiential exposure to market/application-based experience with system and product design skills through offline interventions on live problems. We provide the entire value chain experience, from capturing unmet needs in the market via voice of customer, to design, MVP, MAP, regulatory compliance, quality assurance, testing, and supply chain development, ending with commercialization and go-to-market exposure.

Our aim is to create a pool of industry-ready “professionals” who can take on any challenge in the entire value chain, making India truly “Atmanirbhar” and providing the world with graduated “India professionals in all spheres.” Our vision is to bridge the application know-how by imparting real-life industry knowledge of various emerging applications, exposing youth to real-life challenges in product and system design, building MVP/prototypes, working with ecosystem partners/suppliers, and converting product design into manufacturable, market-ready products. We also help participants identify unmet requirements, process and quality control required to make products universally accepted.

At Fontierz labs, a select group of participants will undergo training to identify unmet requirements, convert them into a product or service, undergo practical aspects to visualize and design products, work with co-workers to learn and co-create, identify the right component suppliers, prototype MVP development, conduct DFMEA’s & PFMEA’s, clinical trials, manufacturing, testing/inspection, training and service support. By the end of the training program, participants can decide to pursue a career in their chosen field or nurture their ambitions to begin a startup and set on a journey called entrepreneurship. The knowledge and experience one acquires at Fontierz will be unparalleled, equivalent to time spent in a real-world industrial environment.


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