Powered Hand Tools: Medical And Industrial

At Fontierz, we are passionate about helping our clients deliver innovative solutions and exceptional user experiences. We have a highly skilled team of experts in system design and technology who are dedicated to helping our clients reimagine their products and services. From initial strategy and end-use research to service and experience design, technology implementation, integration, and go-to-market, we work closely with businesses at every step of the process.

Our focus is on emerging technologies, including IoT (Internet of Things), cloud computing, smart mobility, artificial intelligence, and machine learning. By leveraging these advanced technologies, we help businesses improve operational efficiency, reduce costs, and deliver new services to their end-users. Our team is committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that exceed our clients’ expectations and deliver tangible results. 

At Fontierz, we understand that each powered hand tool has unique requirements based on its specific application and use case. To cater to this, we offer a range of custom design options to create a perfect fit solution for your tool. Our experienced engineering staff have designed, built and successfully launched a variety of surgical power tools, including Orthopedic Drills, Saws, Reamers, Arthroscopic Shavers, Spine Drills, Otologic Drills, Neuro Perforators & Craniotomes, Dermatomes, and powered industrial tools like Nut runners, Screwdrivers, Nailers and Pruning Shears for customers over the last 15+ years.

Our team has in-depth knowledge and experience in designing motion control systems, drive electronics, and battery technology for these powered tools. We work closely with our clients to understand their requirements, application, and environment to design custom solutions that meet their needs.

With a focus on quality, safety, and reliability, we adhere to strict design and development processes, including prototyping, testing, validation, and regulatory compliance. Our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible solution that not only meets their needs but also exceeds their expectations.

At Fontierz, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver high-quality, custom-designed powered hand tools that are safe, reliable, and effective in their intended application.

Over 15+ years. Medical Devices design, development & Manufacturing expertise

Industrial Power Handtools

Examples of customization for a Medical Handtool

System Design OptionsSystem Design DetailsSystem Design Benefits
Custom tool adaptor Custom designed tool adaptor for various blades, burrs, drill bits and nut runners, Custom seals and coatings integrated to tool adaptorEasy maintenance, Plug and play with blade/burr/Drill bit/Nut runner assembly, Reliability and longer life
Custom handtool HousingIntegrated housing with sterilizable cable assembly, Custom housing integrated with tool adaptor (cannulated) pathway for irrigation, Custom housings integrated with hand-switches for control functions, Withstand harsh environments, 2000+ autoclave cyclesOne stop shop for all design needs, Supplier consolidation, Best weight to envelope ratio
Sterilizable cable assembly Custom pin configuration, Cable assembly with custom colors, Custom cable lengthPlug & play with cable assembly, Rugged design (no cable assembly breaks), Better reliability (avoid moisture access)
Custom console design Custom Display – TFT, Keypads - Touch Screen, Custom memory, Controls – RPM, Oscillation, forward & reverse, Safety features to monitor heating & over current, Built in IoT to monitor & remote diagnostics, Motion control & drives both sensored & sensorless operation, Auto-detection of blades, Self-diagnostics and calibration, Settings/Admin module, Torque sensingOne stop shop for all design needs, Integrated with motion drive & onboard controllers
Custom controller for handheld battery powered devicesController to drive battery powered hand tools, Customized for autoclave and high voltages, Sensored and sensorless motor controlWithstand hi-pot and harsh environments like shock, vibration & autoclaves
Custom Foot SwitchWired and wireless connection to console Custom protection gradePlug & play foot switch, Easily configurable for wireless operation
Product Testing & qualification support Product lifecycle test (autoclave and dishwasher), Product load/Stress test (specific load points can be simulated for durability), Product exposed to shock, high voltage, autoclave, ETO, Cidex & Saline test, IoT and remote diagnostics testingCountermeasure use case and failures, Faster go to market as OEM’s can focus on customer acquisition, Optimum use of in-house resources (focus on GTM and regulatory aspects)